About King Jae

Justin Nelson, recognised as King Jae online persona is the UK's most popular content creator in all social media. He has been streaming for 3 years, originally alongside other jobs and now as a full time profession and can be found streaming most evenings, producing content or at events. He is known for being a top player for TEKKEN, Street Fighter and is competitively good at any other games he lays his hands on.

King Jae has taken gaming to global heights and traveled to places like Spain, Germany, France, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Japan, Italy and a myriad of other places. he has also been featured in events like Insomnia, Eurogamer Expo working with big brands such as Alienware and Asus.

King Jae started off competing in fighting game tournaments and producing content for games such TEKKEN, STREET FIGHTER, SHOOTING GAMES and much more. He makes newcomers feel welcoming which has recently exploded in popularity and growth. His stream personality centers him being competitive, engaging and likes to involve his community in his streams and content.

Outside of streaming, Pro gaming lifestyle, King Jae does product reviews for his channel. He has worked with an extensive amount of companies such as Alienware, Hyper X, Razer, Hori, Philips, Zowie, BenQ and many more.

The journey has been a long road but the long term mission is to maintain the established persona and keep up the great content creation for everyone!