Hello everyone!

Well, I do not know where to start with the way how I feel. I have been streaming and doing content creation for years now. King Jae stuff has been around 2 to 3 years seriously. Where as the numbers have risen to great amount, I have stumbled across the double thinking stage. Alot of behind the scenes things have happened via Youtube and Twitch and has made me wonder the longevity of this career path. 

With one of my previous accounts on Youtube, I have recently been owed money by Youtube but have not received it and it seemed like an downhill battle to recover what was mine so I left it. As some of you may not know, Youtube/Google does not have a number you can call when it comes to Google Adsense so you find yourself sending emails countless times and most of the time not getting a response. As for Twitch, I remember the days struggling to get the partnership with them. Now I have it, I'm very grateful that my audience and community can show support but somehow feel the closest people around me dont support and alot of my audience and supporters are people I do not know personally. This sometimes frustrates me as I help ALOT of people and I tend to do alot of things to help keep people happy like giveaways, support and advice on whatever their career path is and do not receive a fraction of that back. While I write this, I want this to be clear that this is NOT directed at the people who watch my videos, streams, subbed to me etc. Look at this post more as what is in my mind and how I feel.

So moving on to TWITCH and TEKKEN, I am at a stuck situation. Last year was amazing with us hitting some crazy numbers, being apart of DISTRICT-G and touring the world to compete for TEKKEN 7 and meeting so many awesome people around the world. Earlier this year, I left DISTRICT-G to pursue a solo streaming career and stopped playing TEKKEN 7 competitively because I lost the passion and the drive that I once had previously. Streaming TEKKEN 7 is fun and I would love to be able to dedicate my full time to it, however I do not get support from the developers of TEKKEN 7 or some of the competitive players. This makes me feel down as most are the same people who ask me privately to host them or for streaming/content advice and I gladly help them because I WANT to help grow the fighting game scene awareness. Not only that, I have been competing for TEKKEN for around 10 years now and with not much growth apart from the years apart from last year. For this reason, I have decided to play other games I enjoy on stream, not because I want to be noticed but more because I feel it is time to look at other games that I like and see how things go with it.

TWITCH is fun and I find it ALOT more better than YOUTUBE because I can see the regulars that support me and interact with my audience in real-time chat room. However,  along the road ofd becoming a popular streamer, I found accumulating 'sponsorships' made me understand that the term 'sponsorships' get thrown around in the wrong term. Most companies that support streamers give products to people for a long-term graphic added on their TWITCH page. I dont see this as sponsorship as no money is involved to do this and your getting a product for a streamer to have pretty much a stamp of their company on your page because you bring in numbers and want to be noticed. I feel companies should pay more closer attention to streamers and help grow them. A simple tweet out when they are streaming or even retweeting them when they have a video out would not hurt. I remember when I have 2k followers on twitch and a gaming company said I need 5k in order to receive samples. I emailed them back again at 20k and 30k and they still was not sending me samples. There are ALOT of obstacles and people who dont want to help you along the way and because I do this on my own, I often feel down/depressed and question my steps in whether I want to do this career path as I have been doing it for the love for ages with very minimal financial benefit or gain. As time goes on, I do want to visit things like E3, Twitch Con, Playstation Experience etc but are these things even achievable? Am I just wasting my time in thinking I can get to the next stage?

Not really sure why I am writing all of this but I feel people have supported me and feel I can do it. To all of you, I owe his has effect me not streaming alot as of late but I will hopefully try to come back in full effect again.

Maybe I need to create a team of creators so we can all grow together, or maybe I need a team in general to push further? I'm unsure but I can see in my newer streams I dont have the old banter vibe I had before but I will try my best to get it back!
P.S. I typed this all out how I felt so it might not make sense or grammar issues may occur. Love to everyone to who has supported! Never give up in what you believe in. I feel I am in the low part of things right now but hope things will rise.

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